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Here are some pictures taken during the construction of my shop!


 The size is 50' x 50'. For those of you who like big shops that equals 2500 sq. ft of floor space.


This is a kit and assembled on site. Everything you need is included less any plumbing or electrical.

After lots of shopping around and obtaining many quotes I purchased the kit from Web Steel Buildings located in Sandy Oregon. Neil J. Chambers (the Territory Manager) made the process of designing and ordering very simple and pleasurable. We tool care of the entire designing, ordering process using email and the telephone.


 I had a size in mind for the shop of 42' x 50'. This is the only outfit that called me back to tell me that they could save me thousands by going with a bigger building. I know what your thinking - "Bigger for less? How is that possible?" I asked the same thing. 


The answer is simple - the size I was looking for was not a standard size and required the building of special tooling. That costs money so guess who pays more for that? Going eight feet wider equaled a standard size. No extra tooling was required and I saved money! Way to go Neil! You won my business!


Now if you are not impressed with that you will be by this. They will send you several copies of the blueprints and any other documents required for the permit process while they are assembling the parts for the kit. This gives you time to get the permit before the kit arrives on the job site. The blueprints were already approved by a Washington State Engineer. I was told that it would be about three weeks to have the permit approved. Having the engineers stamp on the prints really speeds up the process. I had the permit in my hands six days later.


When the kit arrived, I rented an "All Terrain" fork lift and called up some friends. We stood all of the steel structure in one day and even started attaching the boards. From there it was just a matter of bolting on boards and screwing on siding. If you were to ask me if I would do it again the answer would be - You Bet! It was a lot of work, but it was fun.


Many thanks go out to Steve Zemanek, Pat Kinsella, Terry Tyge, Kirk Cobain and Jeff Payne for all of the help standing the steel. Thanks to my brother Ed Bond and nephew George Bond for the help with the installing the insulation and sheeting on the roof. Thanks to my neighbor Jose, my father-in-law Jerry Sanden and brother-in-law Jeff Sanden for their assistance with other items.


A Special Thanks to Jeff Payne who took the first set of digital  pictures for me!

A really Special Thanks to my wife Kim who BBQ burgers, kept us in liquids and put up will all of us guys!


(These pictures are thumbnails - click a picture to view the full size. Use your browsers back button to return.)

(All pictures are copy write of Frank Bond. Do not use or copy without permission.)

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