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Our New and Used Fence

I had to replace our fence in the front yard. Instead of using wood posts again and having to replace them again in ten years I use metal chain link posts and welded 2X4 brackets on to them. So we have new posts but I used what I could of the old fence boards.

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(All pictures are copy write of Frank Bond. Do not use or copy without permission.)


Posts and brackets ready to weld.



Set the brackets in place and spot weld in 4 spots. Flip it over and set the other side and spot weld then weld the top and bottom edges, clean with a wire brush and paint with galvanizing paint.



I have a Lincoln SP180T welder. These were the setting I used for the wire feed speed and the electrical power.



Posts ready to cement in. The end post only gets brackets on one side. Don't forget the caps to keep the rain from filling up the post.



The corner posts have to have four brackets. Of course they have to be at 90 degrees. Then nail in the 2X4s.



Posts are all set in concrete. While I was mixing the concrete I pored a landing at the bottom of the deck steps.



Side complete. Front left to install the boards.



View from the inside of the yard.



Front complete. I wrapped the end post so it cannot be seen when pulling into the driveway.