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Trip to Washington DC 2/8/2006.

This page - The Arlington Cemetery
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Iwo Jima memorial

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President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis Kennedy

IMG_1905.JPG (127579 bytes) IMG_1906.JPG (119362 bytes)

Robert F. Kennedy

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President William Howard Taft
Note: Only 2 presidents are buried in the Arlington Cemetery

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Tomb of The Unknown Solider

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Women in Military Service for America Memorial

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Boxing Champion Joe Louis

IMG_1925.JPG (3012892 bytes)

Space Shuttle's Challenger and Columbia Memorial

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Audie L. Murphy

IMG_1924.JPG (2688548 bytes)

Pictures from around the Cemetery

IMG_1926.JPG (3548398 bytes) IMG_1928.JPG (3015880 bytes) IMG_1903.JPG (163242 bytes) IMG_1904.JPG (133695 bytes) IMG_1908.JPG (110981 bytes) IMG_1909.JPG (83563 bytes) IMG_1927.JPG (3486416 bytes) IMG_1929.JPG (3148122 bytes) IMG_1930.JPG (3482446 bytes) IMG_1931.JPG (3290056 bytes) IMG_1938.JPG (3011618 bytes) IMG_1939.JPG (3323904 bytes) IMG_1941.JPG (2638716 bytes) IMG_1943.JPG (2540622 bytes) IMG_1944.JPG (2851304 bytes)

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